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Permaculture Mutual Aid Network - the Mission

The purpose of the network is to connect communities, land stewards, and working groups with similar goals and values to facilitate permaculture practices, resource sharing, practical help and relief through various forms of mutual aid, and providing safe space for members of the network. The purpose of Permaculture Mutual Aid spaces is:

  • To act as a network hub open to participants in the network, specifically traveling disaster relief and permaculture groups

  • To be a launching/staging platform for regional disaster response

  • To be a space to facilitate gardening/permaculture

  • To provide storage for equipment and resources used in mutual aid

  • To be a resting place for participants in the Permaculture Mutual Aid Network

  • To be a safe, sober, kid-friendly, family-friendly, non-discriminatory space

  • To be a working space for participants in the Permaculture Mutual Aid Network

In these spaces, participants of the Permaculture Mutual Aid Network could:

  • Build basic infrastructure for storage of materials

  • Rest and recoup

  • Construct compost toilets

  • Institute water systems

  • Build and operate an outdoor kitchen

  • Create gardens and plant food forests

  • Engage in various permaculture and mutual aid projects with consent from the community including

    • Help with chores and land projects

    • Construction of infrastructure (kitchen, stage, infrastructure)

    • Composting / Soil building systems

    • Setup of water systems (catchment, filtration)

    • Permaculture design ideas & support

    • Facilitating social permaculture workshops

    • A Circus of Purpose experience or event

We are dedicated to establishing and maintaining relationships with communities and individuals that are symbiotic. We want to be in clear communication of our mutual needs and expectations. If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, please let us know and we will be happy to provide more details concerning what we can offer.

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