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Want to support the growth of Free Land Communities? We envision a vast network - an entire society, if you will - of Free Land Communities with diverse guidelines and standards that facilitate a transition into an alternative Earth-friendly lifestyle. People sharing the earth and taking care of each other.

The 2 Dollar Revolution is a people powered movement that emphasizes our capabilities of abundance when we work together. The more people participating, the more power to the people.


 Join by contributing 2 dollars every month, week, or day! Your money will go into a fund that will be used to purchase plots of land across the U.S. to be held in a shared land trust.

Lands acquired in this way are open, for free, to people who uphold the values of earth stewardship, autonomy, equality, and peaceful cooperation, as determined by the consensus of those living on the land.

The People's Project is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3).
All donations are tax deductible.