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The Time Is Upon Us!

Hello fellow Earth Stewards, Radicals, Raccoons and Revolutionaries! The time is almost upon us! With the premier date of “The Garden: Commune or Cult” approaching swiftly we’re all abuzz with excitement and anticipation. None of us has done this before, none of it was scripted and none of us has seen the finished product! We’re in the same boat as you; we have no idea what to expect. Will our message of Peaceful Cooperation, Autonomy, Earth Stewardship and Equality be adequately represented? Will the profit foxes of the entertainment industry smear us as a cult? Will community as a way of life be portrayed in a truthful manner? How is THE WORLD going to see us? A lot of these questions will hopefully be answered; I can go ahead and spoil the titular question for you…We Are A Community. A community of mostly Nomadic peoples composed of Artists, Musicians, Gardeners, Permaculturists, Healers, Jacks (and Jills and all the Allness) of All Trades, Children of Earth, Humans.

So many people these days live with speculative fears; fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of being misrepresented…We stood in the face of these fears and bared all to the TV cameras in the hope that YOU reading this will be inspired to take a leap of faith as we did and step outside the rigid lines of default society. If you're unable, you can still participate by cheering us on from the sidelines, offering support through social media and supporting the myriad of projects we (or anyone you know) have in the works.

Hope you can join us on what is sure to be a wild ride!


Premiering on Discovery October 29th at 9pm eastern / 8pm central

(Right after Naked and Afraid ;)

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The show did horrible, injecting those actors into your community. I wish they would've focused more on the actual members and history (Tik Tok excluded) of the community. I had to actually research pretty hard to figure out the whole ordeal with that girl that was kicked out. Show didn't share that she was a reality TV actor (Gainesville) only there for the cameras. Like ‘Oak’ & the LA girl, all planted actors to add drama.

The crew next time. TV & non-journalistic Media don't care about the truth of its not drama. I really enjoyed the interviews with Patrick &Tyler though. More authentic explanations of the community's Intention or goals. Without further research, it's hard to really grasp w…

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