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Collect the Collective 2022

The Garden invites all those who are part of the larger global movement of sustainability, collective action, and intentional community to gather for the second annual Collect the Collective event in Lafayette, Tennessee from from September 29th to October 9th, 2022.

The Garden has existed as an egalitarian off-grid community for the last thirteen years, propagating a culture of sharing, freedom, and cooperation. An ever changing group of people spending a few weeks, months, and years on the land have collectively cultivated over two acres of active farmland, planted hundreds of fruit and nut trees, built lodging for 30+ people, installed 1000+ gallons of rainwater collection, cooked tens of thousands of meals, and facilitated thousands of travelers in a space of empowerment and education. It is a space nurtured by the collective, for the collective.

The Garden’s main purpose is to be a significant hub, acting as a coalescing force for a much greater network of land and community projects that exist in mutual aid. By introducing many people to this lifestyle, the Garden plays a key role in fulfilling this larger vision, empowering the individual to break free from an innately destructive system and become part of seeding new communities that are supported by the network of travelers, activists, homesteaders, friends and all the knowledge and tools that they bring.

Collect the Collective is about bringing our community together. The community being people who share in the dream of growing and building upon this network of shared sustainable spaces.

We envision a healthy and sustainable world where humans live in harmony with each other and the Earth. We can achieve this as a collective by providing spaces for people to live sustainably, learn skills, freely exchange ideas, host workshops and other events, connect with like-minded friends and allies, and collaborate on meaningful projects that will provide for ourselves and those in the generations to come.

So let’s gather and share our knowledge of primitive skills, community building, permaculture, healing, and more. The more we empower each other, the stronger we become in our ability to create positive change in the world.

Let's build alternative infrastructure that works in harmony with the earth.

Let's plant the seeds that we need to be free!

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I am currently in school for horticulture focusing on sustainability/ permaculture. I need to set up an internship to complete my degree. Is that something the garden would be interested in taking on? Would love to connect again!

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I am available!

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