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Pirates' Cove Seed Gathering

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

August 17th - 31st 2022

The first gathering on the land by the lake! A 16 acre property in Celina, Tennessee near Dale Hollow Lake that is shared under The People's Trust.

Pioneer this land and find all the cool spots! Canoe the lake and explore little islands! Build an off-grid kitchen! Help seed this project into whatever we collectively envision it to be. This is the first ever collectively fundraised property of The People's Project and every decision on the land will be made through the consensus of the people present. So this is a chance to be present from the beginning!

If you plan on coming, please email and let us know when you plan to arrive. We will be shuttling people from The Garden at 8967 Galen Road, Lafayette, TN because parking at the space is limited. Bring everything you need to camp on raw land without facilities. We will have kitchen gear for campfire cooking. If you have kayaks, canoes, tools, food, fun activities -- bring those too!

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I’m new to your site, but I want to thank you for the truly incredible and life changing work that you’re doing. You really are being the change we all wish to see.


idk if i will get to come but i may have never seen this if i did not check my spam folders...i have to talk my wife into coming i have been trying since i came home lol


Look how many people involved this is un believable! We can do this !strength in numbers! And so many happy faces ! Badass !! 323 542 0744 Mike

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