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Call to Action: Let’s Plant Trees Together

Updated: May 21

May 15th - 31st, 2024

There will be a planting for native trees and berry bushes at Greengrass, Takini, and Wounded Knee in so-called South Dakota at 3 different indigenous reservations

The schedule will be 5 days at each:

15th-20th at Wounded Knee, bring food.

20th-25th at Takini and Bridger at Horse Sanctuary.

25th-31st  at Greengrass, with a talent show and a concert the last day.

Teaching and Learning

-Land Restoration

-Water Conservation

-Organic Farming

-Living Soils


-Plant Medicines

With Elder seminars, Permaculture Presentations, Conservation Projects, petitions, and games.

Folks are encouraged to come out and participate. There is a caravan leaving from The Garden, in Tennessee, on May 13th.

Contacts for direct communication with the organizers

Oscar 605-218-0308

Alex 806-401-1505

Many hands make light work. Let’s #GrowFoodTogether & #ShareTheLand

Another event after this one ends

May 30 - June 6,

A solidarity call to action to help The Mother Against Meth Alliance help build a cabin, and yurt platforms to build a detox & healing center @ Pine Ridge.

A group of natural builders, painters, electricians, cooks, insulation specialists, plumbers, people with cooking skills, artists, farmers, and gardeners are traveling together this May 2024 to the land of Mothers Against Meth Alliance’s founder, Mama Julie Dean Richards. On this two acres we will help build infrastructure for a detox and healing center for Indigenous people suffering from addiction on the reservation. We will be camping on the land as we build two yurts and a cabin.

And we're looking for others.

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1 comentário

Oh my goodness, I am so bummed that I have to miss both of these events. I’ve already got something going on in Florida that I am doing until the end of May, 1 June.

This is so fantastic what you guys are doing and I am so excited to be a part of this journey with all of you in the future. Please send more events because I definitely definitely want to be a part of all of this with you all. I’m there with all of you and spirit for sure!


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