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Outreach at the Annual Rainbow Gathering in Colorado!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

The People's Project has launched an initiative to create more free land for free people! We aim to raise funds for a 100-300 acre property in the Ozark region to be stewarded by the collective. We set up a booth at the Annual Rainbow Gathering in Colorado called “Manifest Mandala City”, letting people know about the original intention of Rainbow to create a permanent living example of peace on earth. The culture of sharing and equality at Rainbow is a glimpse into how the world could be if we transcend trying to profit off other humans and instead share in earth's natural abundance. We hosted daily discussion circles about community life and mutual aid beyond Rainbow. We met so many awesome inspiring people that share the vision of a network of shared lands that exist as one family. Keep track of our progress towards putting this property into the land trust at

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